Women’s trouble!-“3 categories of men that make or mar a woman”

I believe women are meant to be the helpmeets of men, but its a pity that most men do not know a woman’s worth. Sometimes, I think why do women always have to go through all the physical, emotional and psychological breakdowns(harrassment)? That question has not been answered till today as we see many women still undergoing torture in the hands of their men.
There are a whole lot of men, who mess around with the defense mechanism that their wives are not “good” enough. How can these men be satisfied when you are lifting her up?
I know three categories of men. So if you’re single you better watch out or if you’re married then assess which one your husband is and break lose from his bondage everyway you can.
•Scanvenger: this catgeory of men marry “dead” women. She is probably not educated, stays in the house for 24hours. Her husband practically defines the word “head” in her life. Of course not that she wants to work, but she is not even ready and her man is not ready to “pull her off the couch”
•Hunter: This category of men marry women who are good and have lots of dreams and aspirations but he kills her dreams by forcing and ensuring she doesn’t have a job. An example of such men are those who telll their wives not to work with the justfication that he is preventing her from other man who might be “eyeing”her in the “office”.
•Gardener: this category of men marry a good woman, and allows her to achieve and fulfill her dreams as well as helps her glory to show. Example is Fela Durotoye.
Oh, I can sense single ladies already looking out for such men…hahaha!
What are you thinking, you want the Gardener kind of man right?
So if you’re in a relationship with any of the first two(scavenger, hunter) please woman, tear yourself off that man.
Married women with such men, I can’t say I feel your pain, but in life, you gotta do what you gotta do, the only one you can talk to about it is Him…work on your communication. God help you.
Have a blessed week.
Your dearest,

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One thought on “Women’s trouble!-“3 categories of men that make or mar a woman”

  1. Well, its a very nice story line but I refuse to buy any of this, am a young man and am not exactly married but, I believe it is rare in this our generation, to thinks that a young well educated man can marry an illiterate beauty, there is what you call compatibility assessor, you know who you can cope with or not, everyone is not planing to marry trouble only if you are deceiving yourself, I well to do hard working fella won’t do that, its only someone with low self esteem that will think that of himself, even if your wife has a better and bigger dreams, it shouldn’t be a threat cause what you did to get her to marry you can get you to marry someone better. And like I said now that I don’t even fall in this 3 categories. Would you say I need counseling. I fail to believe this categories again

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