The Two Voices Within…

I was listening to Joel Osteen a renowned speaker in the U.S and I coined that title from his powerful message(now I can’t recall the title of his message).
In our spirit, there are “two voices” who speak to us-the “good guy” and the “bad guy”. The former inspires us, encourages, and keeps you moving towards a positive direction while the latter does the opposite.
The good voice tells you why you should go for your dreams and aspire to be great, it encourages you to keep on working towards losing those added weights, this voice encourages you to keep on working at breaking off from that addiction, or to work at being a better employee and a icer boss. This voice is awesome.
The bad voice of course tells you so many reasons why you shouldn’t do them, it keeps your mind from it and makes you develop fear at achieving your aim. Well, that’s why its the “bad” guy.
These two voices occupy our mind, so many times you want to come out of that depression, unforgiveness, unhealthy relationship, then the “bad guy” comes telling you “how a failure you are or how powerless you will be without that guy.
But you and I know you can’t continue to listen to that bad voice, that negative voice, and start paying attention to that small still voice that tells you, you are not a failure, you can be the best, that you can come out of that addiction, that you can improve on your grades, that you can make it even without engaging in self-diminishing acts.
I tell you, when you begin to pay attention to that good voice, you will notice so many positive changes in you.
In summary, the bad voice is responsible for insecurities, low self-worth. While the good voice is responsible for a healthy self-esteem and self-worth.
You may ask, have I tried it? Yes I have it worked for me in many areas of my life and its still working for me…making me believe that even when I am in the midst of thorns, I can come out of it.
But friends, its your CHOICE!
Enjoy your weekend.

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