The Life-supporting machine!

So many people have funny belief systems concerning God, Jesus or the holy spirit, some even believe that serving God is awkward or socially unacceptable, so they try to run away from God, his word and his son.
No doubt some are ashamed to acknowledge God, or publicly acknowledge him because they feel people are watching them, rating them and assessing their lives. We weren’t created for religion but we were created for relationship, so how do you relate with others if you can’t relate with God?
The life supporting machine is God’s word. The period we spend with him through his word would reflect in our lives. Oh, wondering why u keep going back to that same old you-the sin,the immoral sexual act etc. Or you are wondering why things are not going well for you, your job is not coming up well, business is crashing, life seem so horrible and you are overly unhappy with your life, its simply because “you have disconnected yourself from the life support machine(God’s word), He wants you to spend quality time with him the way you would talk to your spouse for hours, the way you discuss business contracts for weeks, the way you work on a project for a year, that same way you should spend time with God, you shouldn’t go a day without hearing from your partner, spouse. Time will tell, people will notice the change in you, your life will become brightened, you will feel special because you have decided to spend time with God. God is no evil person, He is a friend, a lover, someone who is ready to listen to you whenever, wherever and however you want to do it, he doesn’t need your money but he is ready to give you all you can ever ask or think.
•A life support machine helps you to saty alive his word keeps you alive.
• LSM helps you to be on-check for a second chance to live, his word helps you to assess your life so you can live.
•If you disconnect yourself from his word, you will begin to do those things you said you will not do again.
• you begin to feel your life is too slow,then begin to venture into shortcuts to success just because you can’t wait for God’s time.
• you tend to make decicions that you will regret later when you are disconnected from the life supporting machine(God’s word).
» ” People did not think it was important to have a true knowledge of God, so God left them and allowed them to have their own worthless thinking and to do things they should not do” Romans 1:28 NCV.
Can you imagine? God himself, already knew these category of people and so he prepared this word for them in Romans. Those people who do not seek him first in all that they do. Those who run away from him because they are scared of earthly criticism. To think of it, even without God in your life people will criticise you so why bother yourself when He is capable of shutting their mouths if you are for Him?
Think about it darlings of the most high.
Have a blessed weekend.


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