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Hello secret woman…

You’re a secret woman who stabs your fellow woman in the back.
You sleep with men who are not yours.
You are the reason so many kids are juvenile because their fathers are no where to be found.
You are the reason so many women are teary every now and then.
You’re a wife who gives herself to other men other than her own man.
You’re the reason why the divorce rate keeps hitting high.
You’re the reason why responsible men turn irresponsible.
You’re the reason why your women-folk have lost their first love.
You forcefully take what is not yours with your seductive lips and your open legs.
You kill the dreams of so many children by taking away their fathers
You poison the minds of men who should be with their wives.
You keep in your bossom men who should have great homes.
You have a “basket full of complains” for your unruly actions but you have forgotten that whatsoever a person’s sows he will reap.
Can a man take fire in his bossom and his clothes not be burnt? Can one go upon hot coals and his feet not be burnt?….Prov. 6:27
Oh secret woman, how hurtful your sting is!
What example are you setting for your daughter?
What seed are you sowing into you Sons?
Hello secret woman, I hope you change your ways.

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Aiming towards a great Home or a beautiful house?…

How many people want to walk down the aisle but take the back door out when the marriage is turbulent? NO ONE!!!
Unpremediated marital problem could have been avoided if only one of the parties decided to “change their mentality” towards “who the right person is” or by understanding the difference between a home and a house. And this could have been done through the help of God.
In this present generation, so many people assume that God is only interested in being in a part or some part of your life. God is always interested in all areas of ones life and that’s why some people do not take it seriously about praying towards having a God-chosen relationship.
Some use their instincts or experience so many even experiment and then end up having the worst nightmare of their lives.
It’s sad to see so many marriages going down the drain and some already in the drain. It hurts when you see old women and men bite their fingers in show of a regretful step they took while they were SINGLE.
Don’t wait till you get marrried before you start praying about your spouse, start now! Don’t even make the mistake of using other people’s time” to operate so much so that you rush into a relationship.
Singlehood is that time when you can make the decision about the man or woman you want in your life. But it takes God’s help to know that because only Him knows the end from the beginning.
Yes, you can say this is a spiritual doctrine about marriage! I agree with you.
But my question is “what do you want? A great home or a beautiful house”?
A few people know that beautiful house is such which is beautiful on the outside but ugly or distorted on the inside. Full of fights, unhappiness, confusion they drive beautiful cars and have such a beautiful house. But they LACK A HOME. A great home is full of God! God is in that house, lives there and abides with the couple. They know they need God so they invite him to come into their house.
Although you might not have a beautiful house at first but if you have a GREAT HOME, through God’s help, you can have a beautiful house but the latter is the most important.
Are you aiming towards a beautiful house or a great home? Is your man beating you up even now that you’re not married to him? Is your fiance cheating on you when you’re not even engaged? Ladies and gentlemen, its that moment we have to start involving God.
He aint some invisible spirit that can’t hear you when you talk to Him. He wants to be involved in ALL areas of your life-relationship, career, health, business, communication, journeys, decison-making…and so on.
So let’s wake up singles even if you’re engaged or so in LOVE with that dude or babe, ask GOD what He thinks and He will surely order your steps.
Don’t fall into the “had I known” category”, do aim for the “Thank God”category. God wants to be involved in your relationship too. Girl, that man doesn’t deserve you if He is beating you as at now in a relationship! Who told you,you can’t have the best? Who told you the good men are finished? Don’t be deceived, if he is beating you now, you sure have to be ready to have your HEAD BROKEN when you get married to Him.
God loves you so much it hurts Him to see you hurt.
You should know this: just as God sends the right one, the devil also presents his own candidates, so watch out!!!!

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Characteristics of a great Home and a beautiful house.
A beautiful house.
• a beautiful house is full of goodies but turbulent.
• a beautiful house lacks stability and continuity.
• a beautiful house may have kids but not glorious kids.
• a beautiful house lacks peace and love
• a beautiful house would always want to BUY GOD.
• a beautiful house does things according to how influential they are.
•a beautiful house may act generous to others because they want to be noticed in the society.
•a beautiful house does things in a FLASHY way.

• A great home is peaceful but may not have so much wealth.
•A great home may not be influential but has God and happiness
• A great home seeks the face of God in all things.
•A great home does things in a MODERATE way.
Which are you aiming at? A great home or a beautiful house?
Love you.

Is your life a shrine?…

So much so for a week I must say! You learn alot when you leave your comfort zone to mingle with other people.
Is your life a shrine? Many atimes we leave ourself to experience whatsoever comes our way, along the line so many things come in and then we can’t seem to handle the traffic of it all!
You could feel so unhappy at the moment, you could be carrying an unwanted blessing at the moment, you could be questioning your present behaviour, or maybe you find yourself in a habit you aren’t familiar with. So many things happening in your life and you keep asking “how the hell did all these get into my life?”. I’d like you take a look into your life say 2years ago, you would realise how greatly you have changed. One thing is “In life, we can’t answer all the questions, its either you miss one and get others correctly or you get one correctly and miss others. Meaning no one’s life is 100%. So inbetween the time you are waiting to be successful and now,you will make mistakes, turn left when you’re meant to turn right. The music is playing, the room is dirty, so much smoke and alcohol smell all over the place(all in your life). But the main message mustn’t be avoided which is “to learn and grow”-never lose focus in life.
Is your life a shrine? Take a little time off to breathe, you might not even like what you got yourself into but then you can seem to find a way out, never forget that God wouldn’t allow a problem you can’t handle. People get out of the “Shit”!
So what do you want to do? How can you do it? Who are the people that can help you clean up the mess? How can you get to them? Stay focused!
Have a great week.

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You, Yourself and “Eyes”

Why you act the way you do…
You were brought into the world as an offspring from your Parents, you had no mind of your own, you were so innocent, as a matter of fact, your mind was a blank slate(tabularasa).
Few months later you started learning about the world, you related with your mother, the toys and you graduated to playing with your peers. All these while you were picking up something from the environment called EXPERIENCE.
To present day, you went to school, travelled for summer, related with people, got a job or had your own business.
The mind is a tabularasa, the environment i.e. your experiences determine your behaviour. There is a mutual connection between the events that occur in your environment and your actions.
If for instance, you failed an examination or was heart broken from an unsuccesful relationship, it would influence your mentality towards academic life and your relationship towards the opposite sex respectively.
So why do you act the way you do? I will highlight a few points that will serve as an eye-opening towards understanding why you act the way you do.
An end has come to you trying to figure out why you behave in a certain way or why people complain about your actions or why you don’t like somebody or get attracted to them or why you suddenly dislike people or even feel depressed. Here is WHY!

»The first is the ANALYSIS OF THE MIND: the mind has a part called the unconscious. So the influence of unconscious fears, thoughts, desires and motivation determines our behaviour and our personality. This can be seen in our everyday life, when fearfulness and hurtful desires take over and influence our decison making.
Also, there are some biological forces in the mind called the INSTINCTS, yeaah this what many people call that “spirit” or “something was speaking to Me”. The insticts is made up of two sides called the Life and death- the life is that which is responsible for the creative self and survival thinking-that mindset that propels you to get food when you’re hungry or decide an escape route when in danger. The death instinct is responsible for hatred and aggressive behavior. Yes, that feeling that makes you beat up your wife, or slap your daughter or even yell at employER. That sounds familiar right? All those actions are determined by your instincts.

»The second is THOUGHT PATTERN: many at times our thinking influences our actions and relationship with other people. Thinking is how we reason, the manner in which we perceive things through our senses and process them and use them. We apply thinking in every area of our life, in our career, in our relationship, marriage, business organization, decision making and so on. It is even present in determining the location of your next vacation, the pattern of decorating your houses, the color of dress to wear to an event, the type of weave you should have on, what car to buy, what house to build-a bungalow or duplex, how to propose to your fiancee, what kind of food to eat. Thinking is in everyday. And it controls our everyday behaviour. Even the negative ones-such as excessive drinking of alcohol, getting high on drugs, having unprotected sex, sex with different people, cheating on spouse, excessive spending of money, suicidal ideation and so on.
Thinking is vital. It should be done approriately.

»The third, which is the last is CULTURAL INFLUENCE: hmmm, well, this is a very important point of why you act the way you do. First I must say that as individuals, we have to learn to accept people the way they are. Okay! Cultural influences talks about how your ethnic identity, culture, conformity in the society, stereotypes influence your behaviour. Some people act based on where they were brought up, some act based on stereoptypical mentality that has been imbided in them right from time, some others just conform to what they see others do, that’s why we see so many people dress alike and then we don’t know who is who, because they just live to conform.
Your culture determines what value(s) you hold, your attitudes and even your social life.
The three points stressed above are interwined and will help just anybody as well as to give an insight into why you do What you do, its short but insightful.
I will be glad to read your comments and answer your questions.
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Amazing Grace…

You remember that bible passage that says you shouldn’t say you will do something tomorrow because you never can tell if tomorrow will come but in all you do, always say “by God’s grace”. Do you know how weighty that statement is? God knows that somethings wouldn’t work out when we plan them, so you can say ” man proposes but God disposes”.
Many people have so much trust in their abilities and capacity to do things without acknowledging God. Imagine someone who plans on traveling abroad but died a day before, imagine a mother who just delivered a baby girl but lost her life through loss of blood just a few hours after then, imagine a young girl who just went out to visit a friend or went shopping and then recieves a straight bullet from some gunmen, imagine a man who was to speak at an event just to lose his life on his way there! The list can be on and on and this page will be exhausted. That is to say that without “God’s grace” which is more like the fear of God and respect for his majesty you wouldn’t achieve all that you plan to achieve at all or even at the right time.
We do things on our own because we feel we have a special ability to decode or plan, we let God out of our business because we feel “we’ve got what it takes”. So many people in the grave yard have got what it takes even more than you can imagine.
This is not to say God is so strict, wicked, or uncaring. Infact His love for you is unthinkable! It doesnt matter if you believe in Him or not, whether you are a Christian or not. What matters is God loves everyone period! He DOESN’T love one more than the other. He only SHOWS MERCY to those whom he wants to show mercy on. He is not partial but you need his GRACE.
Here a few thoughts.
» Ask for God to show you mercy on a daily basis.
» He is not so far as you think, He is all around you but if you let Him into your heart then He will reside therein(How awesome that is).
» If you don’t know this then let me spill it, “It is only those He compels to go to his son(Jesus) that can get to Him (No one can get to the son except the father compels Him to come). That’s why some people don’t still give their life even after preaching to them, don’t FORCE Them. So if He doesn’t touch your heart, you can’t give your life to Jesus. So pray for God to save you or your friends who are soaked in the world, and those whom do not believe God @ all.
» He is a FOOL who says there’s no God! So how did you get into the world? Through some scientific manipulations? Or oduduwa? Welcome to 2012 buddy! God is real!
» Whether you believe Him or not, He superdopper loves you. If not, your Mum would have aborted you or something. But He has a purpose for your life and that must stand ONLY BY HIS GRACE.
Think about this and remember to always Acknowledge God.
Okay, I love you all I need some sleep!
Your Dearest,
Eniola Grace

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