Amazing Grace…

You remember that bible passage that says you shouldn’t say you will do something tomorrow because you never can tell if tomorrow will come but in all you do, always say “by God’s grace”. Do you know how weighty that statement is? God knows that somethings wouldn’t work out when we plan them, so you can say ” man proposes but God disposes”.
Many people have so much trust in their abilities and capacity to do things without acknowledging God. Imagine someone who plans on traveling abroad but died a day before, imagine a mother who just delivered a baby girl but lost her life through loss of blood just a few hours after then, imagine a young girl who just went out to visit a friend or went shopping and then recieves a straight bullet from some gunmen, imagine a man who was to speak at an event just to lose his life on his way there! The list can be on and on and this page will be exhausted. That is to say that without “God’s grace” which is more like the fear of God and respect for his majesty you wouldn’t achieve all that you plan to achieve at all or even at the right time.
We do things on our own because we feel we have a special ability to decode or plan, we let God out of our business because we feel “we’ve got what it takes”. So many people in the grave yard have got what it takes even more than you can imagine.
This is not to say God is so strict, wicked, or uncaring. Infact His love for you is unthinkable! It doesnt matter if you believe in Him or not, whether you are a Christian or not. What matters is God loves everyone period! He DOESN’T love one more than the other. He only SHOWS MERCY to those whom he wants to show mercy on. He is not partial but you need his GRACE.
Here a few thoughts.
» Ask for God to show you mercy on a daily basis.
» He is not so far as you think, He is all around you but if you let Him into your heart then He will reside therein(How awesome that is).
» If you don’t know this then let me spill it, “It is only those He compels to go to his son(Jesus) that can get to Him (No one can get to the son except the father compels Him to come). That’s why some people don’t still give their life even after preaching to them, don’t FORCE Them. So if He doesn’t touch your heart, you can’t give your life to Jesus. So pray for God to save you or your friends who are soaked in the world, and those whom do not believe God @ all.
» He is a FOOL who says there’s no God! So how did you get into the world? Through some scientific manipulations? Or oduduwa? Welcome to 2012 buddy! God is real!
» Whether you believe Him or not, He superdopper loves you. If not, your Mum would have aborted you or something. But He has a purpose for your life and that must stand ONLY BY HIS GRACE.
Think about this and remember to always Acknowledge God.
Okay, I love you all I need some sleep!
Your Dearest,
Eniola Grace

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