Is your life a shrine?…

So much so for a week I must say! You learn alot when you leave your comfort zone to mingle with other people.
Is your life a shrine? Many atimes we leave ourself to experience whatsoever comes our way, along the line so many things come in and then we can’t seem to handle the traffic of it all!
You could feel so unhappy at the moment, you could be carrying an unwanted blessing at the moment, you could be questioning your present behaviour, or maybe you find yourself in a habit you aren’t familiar with. So many things happening in your life and you keep asking “how the hell did all these get into my life?”. I’d like you take a look into your life say 2years ago, you would realise how greatly you have changed. One thing is “In life, we can’t answer all the questions, its either you miss one and get others correctly or you get one correctly and miss others. Meaning no one’s life is 100%. So inbetween the time you are waiting to be successful and now,you will make mistakes, turn left when you’re meant to turn right. The music is playing, the room is dirty, so much smoke and alcohol smell all over the place(all in your life). But the main message mustn’t be avoided which is “to learn and grow”-never lose focus in life.
Is your life a shrine? Take a little time off to breathe, you might not even like what you got yourself into but then you can seem to find a way out, never forget that God wouldn’t allow a problem you can’t handle. People get out of the “Shit”!
So what do you want to do? How can you do it? Who are the people that can help you clean up the mess? How can you get to them? Stay focused!
Have a great week.

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