Aiming towards a great Home or a beautiful house?…

How many people want to walk down the aisle but take the back door out when the marriage is turbulent? NO ONE!!!
Unpremediated marital problem could have been avoided if only one of the parties decided to “change their mentality” towards “who the right person is” or by understanding the difference between a home and a house. And this could have been done through the help of God.
In this present generation, so many people assume that God is only interested in being in a part or some part of your life. God is always interested in all areas of ones life and that’s why some people do not take it seriously about praying towards having a God-chosen relationship.
Some use their instincts or experience so many even experiment and then end up having the worst nightmare of their lives.
It’s sad to see so many marriages going down the drain and some already in the drain. It hurts when you see old women and men bite their fingers in show of a regretful step they took while they were SINGLE.
Don’t wait till you get marrried before you start praying about your spouse, start now! Don’t even make the mistake of using other people’s time” to operate so much so that you rush into a relationship.
Singlehood is that time when you can make the decision about the man or woman you want in your life. But it takes God’s help to know that because only Him knows the end from the beginning.
Yes, you can say this is a spiritual doctrine about marriage! I agree with you.
But my question is “what do you want? A great home or a beautiful house”?
A few people know that beautiful house is such which is beautiful on the outside but ugly or distorted on the inside. Full of fights, unhappiness, confusion they drive beautiful cars and have such a beautiful house. But they LACK A HOME. A great home is full of God! God is in that house, lives there and abides with the couple. They know they need God so they invite him to come into their house.
Although you might not have a beautiful house at first but if you have a GREAT HOME, through God’s help, you can have a beautiful house but the latter is the most important.
Are you aiming towards a beautiful house or a great home? Is your man beating you up even now that you’re not married to him? Is your fiance cheating on you when you’re not even engaged? Ladies and gentlemen, its that moment we have to start involving God.
He aint some invisible spirit that can’t hear you when you talk to Him. He wants to be involved in ALL areas of your life-relationship, career, health, business, communication, journeys, decison-making…and so on.
So let’s wake up singles even if you’re engaged or so in LOVE with that dude or babe, ask GOD what He thinks and He will surely order your steps.
Don’t fall into the “had I known” category”, do aim for the “Thank God”category. God wants to be involved in your relationship too. Girl, that man doesn’t deserve you if He is beating you as at now in a relationship! Who told you,you can’t have the best? Who told you the good men are finished? Don’t be deceived, if he is beating you now, you sure have to be ready to have your HEAD BROKEN when you get married to Him.
God loves you so much it hurts Him to see you hurt.
You should know this: just as God sends the right one, the devil also presents his own candidates, so watch out!!!!

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Characteristics of a great Home and a beautiful house.
A beautiful house.
• a beautiful house is full of goodies but turbulent.
• a beautiful house lacks stability and continuity.
• a beautiful house may have kids but not glorious kids.
• a beautiful house lacks peace and love
• a beautiful house would always want to BUY GOD.
• a beautiful house does things according to how influential they are.
•a beautiful house may act generous to others because they want to be noticed in the society.
•a beautiful house does things in a FLASHY way.

• A great home is peaceful but may not have so much wealth.
•A great home may not be influential but has God and happiness
• A great home seeks the face of God in all things.
•A great home does things in a MODERATE way.
Which are you aiming at? A great home or a beautiful house?
Love you.


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