Hello secret woman…

You’re a secret woman who stabs your fellow woman in the back.
You sleep with men who are not yours.
You are the reason so many kids are juvenile because their fathers are no where to be found.
You are the reason so many women are teary every now and then.
You’re a wife who gives herself to other men other than her own man.
You’re the reason why the divorce rate keeps hitting high.
You’re the reason why responsible men turn irresponsible.
You’re the reason why your women-folk have lost their first love.
You forcefully take what is not yours with your seductive lips and your open legs.
You kill the dreams of so many children by taking away their fathers
You poison the minds of men who should be with their wives.
You keep in your bossom men who should have great homes.
You have a “basket full of complains” for your unruly actions but you have forgotten that whatsoever a person’s sows he will reap.
Can a man take fire in his bossom and his clothes not be burnt? Can one go upon hot coals and his feet not be burnt?….Prov. 6:27
Oh secret woman, how hurtful your sting is!
What example are you setting for your daughter?
What seed are you sowing into you Sons?
Hello secret woman, I hope you change your ways.

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