I declare this day: A WORRY FREE DAY!

In recognition of the World’s mental health day!
Wow! Sigh! Before I go on, I would like to describe what mental health means…its simply your state of mind, the health status of your mind.
The mind has power! But when things go wrong, the mind loses its power.
Perhaps the title looks dead to you…well I understand that!
I declare this day a worry free day, and that’s in honor and recognition of the world’s mental health day!
Too many people are ruled by their mind instead of them ruling their own mind. Life hits us with so many challenges and unexplainable circumstances that leave us thinking, rethinking and sometimes breaking down!
We say, I can’t even hear my own voice, I’m tired of this,life is so cruel. How do I even get there, how am I going to make it, what is this all about? Those are rhetorical questions we keep asking. But its even worse when we do not get answers to these questions!
We all have differences which makes us perceive situations differently. Due to this mental composition of each human being it is usually observed that we tend to see things differently.

But why worry? Some things that make us worry have been summed up into two:
•fear of making mistakes- so many people want to be seen as perfect. But its okay if you’re not perfect. Its even better if you are not scared of making mistakes. Only a pretender and self-deceiver hasn’t made mistakes.

•Life-threatening events(Negative events)- some things happen to us and it feels like we are never going to come out of them. That’s a lie of the devil. You can come out of any painful event so far you BELIEVE you can. Believing will take you a step further into finding your sense of peace.

I can say you can relate this short piece to any area of your life: relationship, marriage, ministry, academics, business and life generally.
So today, for a change from the normal routine of ruminating and rethinking previous negative events, I urge you to take a break to breath. Do something positive, make yourself happy, and do the same every other day
I declare this day A WORRY-REE DAY!
Be Free loved ones!

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