Coping with the Final year syndrome…

Final year!!!….the excitement attached also comes with a lot of stress which sometimes makes those in that level tensed up and fearful.
It is overwhelming. No doubt. Some of the experiences at that particular point in one’s life could be:
~Fear of the unknown: some thoughts cone rushing into one’s mind and then you start doubting if you’re ever going to finish well or you might have an extra year.

~workload increases: lecturers begin to bombard you with assignments coupled with the “giant”-project. And you begin to wonder how you will ever going to manage.

~defense mechanisms: some people begin to relieve themselves of stress by focusing more on their appearance(looks, makeup, dress sense) rather than on the most important thing at that point. And some others just begin to look scruffy(rough), while some others just add weight during this period. All these are defense mechanisms are negative ways to coping with stress.
Know that you can balance it up.

~confusion: so many people will experience this. The confusion just comes from nowhere, you are not sure how to read, do your project or even get materials.

~the “I too know” people: you would encounter these category of people who will try to make you feel you are too slow or you are behind schedule in your project. Try to not to pay attention to them because they make you develop fear and anxiety.

So how then can you cope with this saga?
One thing you need to continually put in mind is that “project” is NOT your life. It’s just phase in your life.

»Create a realistic timetable for your own self not for you and your friend(s) or a group; but a personal time table.

»Priotize your work: learn to allocate time for everything you want to do and do them according to their level of importance. Also, learn to work smartly and not just hard. Hard-work is good but smart-work is much more better.

» Learn to achieve something each day. Don’t go a day without achieving something tangible either in the area of reading, assignments or project. To achieve something you need motivation. Self-motivation is vital because you hardly see anyone who would encourage you except prayers from your parents and a few peers.

»Ask for help when you need it. Try not to act like a “know-it-all” and don’t act like a “know-nothing at all” because others have their own problems too so don’t try to frustrate them with yours. But get the necessary information you need by asking the right questions.

» Never use other people’s “time” to operate: don’t try to immitate your friends or mates because some of them might be too slow while some of them might have achieved “something”. Don’t try to work with their own time. Simply, DO YOU!

» Get someone who knows about your “project” topic. This person could be a lecturer in another school, or your uncle who is well-grounded in your project area, or someone who works where you want to carry out your research. Don’t depend on your supervisor alone because sometimes they don’t know anything about your topic.

» listen to your supervisor: this is a very important one. Don’t act like you know more than them even if you sense they really don’t know much about your topic, that’s why you should have a Back-up supervisor who is outside your school(advicably). Relate well with your supervisor by respecting him or her.

»Trust yourself, trust your abilities, don’t say you can’t do it. Move on with a positivite mentality and also get informed about what’s going on concerning your project, don’t act like a loner.
Never allow fear, because it slows one down.

I wish you great success in this final year. And a great result this final year too. You can make it!

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