Be the right person, to find the right person…

Looking for what you do not have in a partner influences the search of a partner. Not willing to work on yourself, to develop, nurture and create yourself but then waiting for a beautiful lady, handsome guy with a nice car and amazing apartment but you aint ready to “do the hardwork” to have your own car/ apartment?.
Whatever standards or criteria you have set for your “to-be” partner, be certain you have similar standards. Of recent, like attracts like…aiming high for the BEST guy/girl simply means you should be somewhere around BEST. If you’re NOT somewhere around your “definition” of your “to-be” guy/gurl, and you end up with one while you’re still beneath or nowhere close,boy! be sure to get choked! Because in the long run, misunderstandings, conflict in values and arguments WILL arise.
A few eye-openers:
» Self-definition(who are you?): this is a question to be answered by everyone. Define yourself, ask others like your mother and close friends what they see in you. Accept your weaknesses and embrace your strengths. Find more about yourself by relating with positive people; invest and read life changing books. Learn to accept your uniqueness.

»Brand yourself: self-packing is a determinant of attracting the right person. The price tag you put on yourself decides your worth. You have to be confident in yourself, dress well but don’t exaggerate. Body grooming is a part of branding. The use of deodarant isn’t a sin. Smell good and look tidy. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed, beyond dressing there is another area you should also focus on like having an educational qualification which attracts people to you.-aspire to know more, learn more and move beyond where others stopped.

»Brush up on your communication skills: Communication is vital: Yes, not everyone is eloquent, but learning new words and relating with people can help you organizing your words and sentences well. Fortunately, some telecommunication companies like MTN have made such things as learning a new word a day, get more information on that to improve your vocabulary. Don’t vex when people try to correct your wrong sentences, it will help you later.
Many of us want so much from our “to-be” partners, but are we willing to do those things you want to see in them?

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