A heavy heart or a happy heart?

So imagine this, you make up in the morning feeling terrible about the previous day- could have been as a result of an argument with a friend, a misunderstanding between you and your folks, or an ugly conversation with your spouse. Whatever it was definitely left you feeling bad the following morning. It happens to most of us…especially those of us that are human(LOL). It is normal but it could actually be avoided most of the time.
As for me, I try to figure out what might be the reason for this unexplainably irritating feeling. Then I realised its one of the following;
» when we expect much from others
»when we think we have acted below our expectations.

When we expect much from others but they offend us badly(by falling our hands), we tend to experience this ache and moodiness which leaves us feeling sober, moody and touchy.
Also, when we think we have acted below our own personal expectations this simply means when we react to a situation in a way that we feel we shouldn’t have, we tend to be furious at ourself so rather than show that emotions towards self, we displace on the other person making us to even feel worst about the whole situation.
So I realised this happens alot sometimes. So what can we do?
I can write a whole lot of things to do but its simply one solution I have. Which is: ALWAYS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.
Brian Tracy says: “you can free yourself from negative emotions and begin to take control of your life by simply saying “I am responsible”!
Sweetheart, imagine the load of negative emotions you will flush out of your system by simply thinking and feeling that statement of taking responsibility?
Think about it…Cheers!

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