The very unfortunate thing is that people who should be confident about who God has created them to be tend to hate who they are. The pretty ones find themselves ugly, the ugly ones find themselves pretty. But its not even about the looks now, its about the inner self. Most poeple find themselves not good enough which is a resolution that has been made from the inside which then reflects on the outside.
Outward beauty is vain but inner beauty brings joy to the hearts of many.
Its not surprising that men and women who exaggerate their outter look or even those who try as much as possible to be like someone else either in dressing or talking manner actually have a problem with their inner self. They have a deficiency in self-worth which is due to a lack of continuous appreciation of one’s actual self.
However, this can be worked on but continuously prophesying positive words like “I am beautiful”. There is a secret which states that whatever one truly feels or think about one’s self will eventually come to pass as it applies to the “law of attraction”…think it, feel it and be it!!!
This week, I urge you to speak to yourself, see yourself as beautiful, because you’re beautiful.
Say to yourself every now and then: I AM BEAUTIFUL.

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