All I could see was “blurry”, eyes smoky, mind in disarray. A heavy heart, a teary eyes, hands shaking(Depression)…lips dark(substance abuse)!
Total confusion, loss of hope, lack of trust in anything or anyone. Turned to be a junkie or a druggie(Drug addiction)! Felt cheap jumping from Him to Him(sexual addiction). Repeated thoughts that got me scared(Obsessive-compulsive disorder). A transition from low to high(Bipolar disorder). Fear of something, nothing and anything(PHOBIA).
All in the mind!
Mental health has been left in the dark for so many years. We have decided not to pay so much attention to it.
In African countries, mental health issues often come last on the list of the policy makers. This is because most of its countries are characterized by low income, high prevalence of communicable diseases and malnutrition, low life experience and poorly staffed services.
Morbidity and disablement due to mental illness receive very little attention from the government.
Most African countries have NO mental health policies or programs or action plans. Most African countries also lack a reliable information system which prevents people from being aware.
People of Africa have been made to hold on to a judgement of stigmatization to any form of mental illness.
No one’s life is clean. We ALL are psychological beings trying to figure out life, we ALL experience challenging events in life. We all need some help.
There is NO crime in letting your heart out or sharing with someone what you are going through.
Moreso, educating people about the various disorders as well as the preventive measures and self-help tips will go a long way in healing your heart.
I have my story, you have your story that has made us mentally broken one way or the other.
We can’t continue to pretend everything is fine all the time when deep down behind those “sharp haircuts” and attractive faces filled with makeup WE are suffering.
Supersoullifters is here to bring back the lost souls, help those in need of encouragement, assist the shattered mind and to put smiles on the faces of those who have lost the essence of living.
Soremekun Eniola
Mental Health Educator for Supersoullifter

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