How to put the “fork” down: Five tips to control overeating.

Do you find yourself eating a lot when you’re stressed?
Do you find yourself hiding food in strange places just to go back and eat later?
Do you eat alone due to embarrassment shame or fear?
Or do you realise you eat faster than normal?
Overeating is usually directed at coping with stress or emotional problems. But it could lead to other problems like diabetes, high colesterol, hypertension, heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.
Research shows that a compulsive overeater can consume 5,000 to 60,000 calories in a day.
As earlier stated, overeating is usually due to an underlying deeper issue such as anxiety, depression, low-self esteem or loneliness). An individual then tries to deal with the issue by consuming lots of food in order to push down the issue.
Here are 5 Self-help tips that can assist you in controlling and coping with emotions and stress in a positive way.
Step 1: Understand what overeating is
we have been able to establish this from the introduction. By knowing more about what you’re facing, you can learn to move to the next step of help.

Step 2: know what makes you overeat.
Do you overeat when you’re under stress? Or when you are alone? Or Do you find yourself overeating when you visit a friend or family member?
Take time to discover what triggers it. Take note and study your self.

Step 3: Make a decision to change
The most important part is being aware that overeating is a problem and then accepting it. You need to learn to take a step so that seeking will help become easy for you.

Step 4: Have a confidant
Overeating could make you feel embarrassed. However, “overeating” is not the problem in the real sense, the main problem is what makes you overeat at that time?
Being able to answer this question would give you the confidence to discuss with someone you can trust. Workstress, maritatl stress, emotional breakdown or anxiety could trigger overeating. Learn to talk to people you can trust. Having someone to talk to will go a long way in helping you heal.

Step 5: Join a self-help group
There are online self-help groups where you can share your stories and find others who are going through the same thing as you.
Don’t feel bad, overeating doesn’t make you less a good person, it simply means you’re going through something at that particular time.
Seeking help is a way out.
Supersoullifters is an avenue to ventilate your mind and share your experience. We are here to help you and to lift your spirit.
Feel free to share your experience or that of a close friend or family on the “comment arena”. That is a step to healing.
We love you.
Soremekun Eniola,
Mental Health Educator of Supersoullifters

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