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SOUP DIARY: Learn how to cook this Igbo Soup.

I’m not Igbo, I am Yoruba but I get bored of yoruba soup sometimes that I do not want to eat anything yoruba soup.
So I want to change my “soup diary” from yoruba to Igbo. I love food and I love good food. So when I have time, will learn to cook something nice like this Banga soup. If you feel the same way I feel and you want a change of “soups”, try cooking this soup for your next “spoil-me time”, occasion, or just family dinner. The ingredients can be gotten at our “local Igbo soup shops”.

Banga soup:
1. Fresh palm fruits (buy as much as possible).
2. Dried fish.
3. Beef (or any meat of ur choice).
4. Crayfish.
5. Onions.
6. Maggi or Knorr cubes.
7. Scent leaves.
8. Pepper
9. Salt
10. Stock fish.
11. Perewinkle.

1. Gather the palm fruits in a bowl and wash thoroughly, ensuring that there’s no sand in it.
2. Pour the palm fruits into a pot, add very little water and boil till fruits are soft enough.
3. With a soup spoon, scoop palm fruits into a mortar and pound, until the flesh is off the seeds. Add a little warm water while pounding (pound gently, to avoid the seeds from cracking).
4. Get the pot u intend to use for the soup and squeeze the palm fruit fibres, extracting the oil into the pot. (Preferably, do this with a seive, to avoid the fibres from entering into the oil).
5. Boil your meat and dry fish, with your usual soup spices). Also boil the stock fish till it’s soft. Mix them all up, to create ur soup sauce. You can actually be doing this while pounding ur palm fruits, to save time.
6. Wash and chop ur scent leaves. (Don’t use much, cuz dey’re scented). U can add some Uziza leaves, for some peppery flavour.
7. Boil the palm kernel extract till the oil rises to the top of the pot.
8. Pour ur soup sauce (i-e. The boiled beef, dry fish, and stock fish) into the palm kernel extract and allow to boil for 5mins.
9. Add ur perewinkle.
10. Finally, add ur scent leaves, and allow to cook for another 5mins.

Your banga soup is ready!
Writen by: Sophia Uwakwe(Psychologist and an Igbo woman too)


Quote of the day!

In all you wish for, don’t wish to be like another, wish to be only you, never be the second version of anyone. Being your type A is better than being her type B.

Girls Compete, Women Empower!

Are you the type that celebrates your women folk when they start something new with their lives?
Or Are you the type that looks for ways to bring other people down when you see them achieving?
Or Are you a sufferer of this act? Whereby people tend to envy your little progress no matter how small?
Or Are you a girl who loves to compete with other girls?
If you belong to the category of those who celebrate others, then Congratulations! It simply shows you love yourself and above all, you love others in your own little way.

Or girl, do you belong to the category of those who love to bring other people down by showing signs of envy and using words that can mar the emotions of your fellow woman? Then girl, Congratulations too it only shows that you are suffering from “Self-hatred”.
Young lady, if you are a sufferer of this act, then hear this: You are good and fine, the problem isn’t with you, the problem is with them. Pray for them if you can but don’t let them get to you.
It is not uncommon to find people with low self esteem within the society or even around us.
People whose joy lie in bringing other people down, but the ironic thing is these people don’t know they are killing themselves. They are hurting themselves and the problem is simply with them because they hate who they are and are unable to accept their being no matter what position they are.
Okay, I know I sound harsh today but if I’m too BLUNT, maybe I should be SHARP.
If you have encountered people like this before you will understand better and if you haven’t please be on the look out they are mostly people we call friends. They hide under the shadow of “I am your friend”
What prompted this? I came across my Old diary where I wrote uplifting feedbacks from friends and people generally about Supersoullifters and what I was doing to help inspire people.
Some people made good comments and some made no comment; of course some tried to bring me down. What I did when I got feedback was to put them down both good and bad. I have them all in my Diary including the names of these people. Those people who made good comments about what I was doing and those who tried to put me down! I wrote down their names and their comments.
Those people that made very good comments are not even close friends, they are people I hardly communicate with but they just believed in me. But trust, the so called friends were the ones who tried to pull down.
Self-hate is a big problem and its a symptom of low self-esteem, where you find someone who doesn’t like his/herself and tries to express it on others.
They fight to meet up with you and to even surpass you if they can. They compete whenever they have the chance. They want to look better than you, talk better than you, dress better than you and just be better than you in all areas of life. The only person you should be in competition with is the person you were yesterday.
This is not uncommon among the women folk. It is there!
It is said that People hate you for one of three reasons:
*because they hate themselves
*because they want to be like you
*or because they see you as a threat.
To the sufferer, the problem is not with you! Its with them. They find it difficult to embrace themselves for who they are and try to make other people be like them.
Don’t be too attached to these people that you can’t cut yourself from them as they are common among friends. They are overly critical about everything you do, they find fault in almost all your actions, they speake words that will make you feel bad.
Learn to surround yourself with people that appreciate you and like you for who you are.
Get along with people that will see the good in you and encourage you to keep doing what you do.
To the lady who puts others down, these words will help you;
I decide to have a change of heart today, to love myself for who and what I am not to despise my fellow lady but to empower her and bring out the best in her. To love myself and be proud of who I am.
I am fabulous, I am unique, I am beautiful, I am progressing, I am going to achieve my dreams without bringing another woman down.

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“Will you be my lady series”

Class two:…But do u qualify as a “wifey”?

Men actually see through the personality of a woman when they are “ready”. It is then that they “fish” out the “real” wifey material. If you think he would choose you because of your beauty, darling you are deceived. If at that time, he his carried away by your beauty, a truly ready man will discard you as soon as possible so he can move on to the next “wifey material”.
Whether he is a good or bad man, responsible or irresponsible, a man knows what he wants. And its a woman who will give him PEACE.
Stop hooking up with him, giving him all the sex. If you do not qualify for his wifey material. Girl, he will discard you. And that’s where the heartache begins.
Why not save yourself the heartache and start working on being the “wifey material”…
If you truly show traits of a wife without deceiving yourself,you will attract the “right” man who will definitely hold on to you.
A man wants a valuable woman deep down even if he appreciates your beauty. Start being valuable and not just available!
Think on this!
Feedbacks are highly welcomed.


In a community or environment where things don’t seem to be going fine or where everything seems to be the other way round in a negative way. An environment where pollution (noise, air) and stress is the order of the day, one becomes tempted to participate in such routine which thereby making one get used to it.

It is said that “the shape your mouth takes when you wake up defines the way your day will go” how then can one influence the way ones day goes?

First of all, before I make known to you how to influence it, it is very important to unlearn some routine and determine to take a new turn of change.

Personally, I have met people who follow through this routine almost every day and it works for them, you will notice it in the way they relate with others around them as well as the way they take care of their own body and self generally.

However, have you ever noticed that what happens during the morning hours often sets the tone for the rest of the day?  If you haven’t noticed or do not agree to that, try and study your body for the next two weeks. Try and take an inventory of your daily behavior. Get a small notepad, write the days of the week (Sunday to Saturday) in a vertical order, the  horizontally write at the top “1st week” and “2nd week”. Below each week , write “morning” and “night”.

During the morning period, write how you feel, then at night after the day’s work, put down how you feel. Do that for the next two weeks. At the end of it, check through what you have written down and take a close look and study the pattern. You will realize that if not all the time, most of the days, your morning mood decides your night mood.

Here are some few tips that have been verified by experts that can help boost your mood on a daily basis:

  • Create a “spoil-me” task: when you wake up in the morning, think of something exciting that you can do for yourself. It could be to go to the movies after work, if you don’t have access to a cinema, watch a movie you haven’t seen on your laptop or try get some from your friends. Buy something for yourself-it could be a nice dress you have been waiting to get. Another way is to make yourself fresh food rather than fast food. Try something different that will elevate your mood.
  • Eat well: sometimes, because of our busy schedules and early morning wakefulness, you could be tempted to skip a meal or might not be able to eat till lunch-break or noon time. If you do not have time to make yourself a good meal in the morning, some of the quick-breakfast that you can have include: a cup of tea (Lipton or moderate amount of caffeine) and bread; oatmeal takes less than 10minutes to prepare. Include in your shopping list: custard, oatmeal, bread, milk, cocoa(milo or bournvita) and honey or sugar. This will save you from developing impromptu stomach upset at work and would help set your day alive.
  • Inhale freshness: Mother Nature provides us with fresh air. Try some outdoor exercise it could be walking round your compound. Researchers found that people experienced an enhanced mood and higher self-esteem after just five minutes of various types of green exercise including walking. Try listening to recorded nature sounds such as running water and birds sound; open your window in the morning so you can hear Mother Nature’s sound as you get ready for the day’s work. Or invest in alarm sounds that soothe you and eases you awake with nature sounds there are various alarm sounds on your phone.
  • Feel good, feel peace: decide to feel good when you wake up in the morning. Take a couple of deep breathes so even when you encounter any frustrations or surprises you will remember to breath and be calm. Music can make you feel good on your way out, to listening to mind-soothing songs.
  • Assess yourself: when you wake up in the morning, take time to assess your body and notice if you feel any stiffness. Stretch lightly and breathe deeply. You will find that you feel present and better equipped for the day.
  • Reflect and be grateful: think about a positive event in your life-how you got into school, how your got your job, when you bought your first car, when you graduated from school, when you started your business, or when you met your ideal partner and imagine what your life would be like if the event(s) hadn’t happen, by envisioning the negative, that way your mood becomes elevated.
  • Smile: Smile has been given to everyone freely. It is something that can be done anytime or anywhere by anyone. You can boost your mood and influence the mood of those around you by smiling. How powerful that is.

Mood boosters are beneficial for your mental health, they help you overcome the chances of getting depressed. By boosting your mood, you are boosting your general health which leaves you feeling fresh every morning.

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Learn from the ants!

Go to the ants thou sluggard! Its a verse in Proverbs. which talks about learning from the ants. To consider the ways of the ants.
A way to tackle unemployment/poverty is to “always have it in mind that you’re responsible for your life”. No man will help you if you don’t help yourself.
When you begin to think of it that you’re responsible for yourself, you begin to act towards achieving rather than complaining.
Don’t just sit and complain, do something, take a step and something will follow. Keep trying, and you’ll understand better.
Never expect things to happen because it will never happen. Rather, be proactive and determined. Have a passion and go for it. Invest your all in it and you will see great results in the long run. Perseverance is another key to success. Don’t expect it to happen immediately, don’t fight for money now. Think of greatness and not just income. Think of adding value and not just getting paid.
Even the ants work to get their food, they don’t wait for it to come meet them. They go and fetch for it.
Fetch for your progress by being active. Get informed as much as you can.