Stop the what “ifs” and start NOW!

Have you ever be stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out where to should go or when or even how you should go about life?.
Life is a place to learn and grow. Life has its ups and downs. You will get confused, you will be cheated, mistakes will happen, accidents will occur but also there will be happy times.
Don’t neglect the fact that You are human and you are here for a reason. Don’t just see failure everywhere you go. Don’t be mindful of succeeding. Success is a continuous process but except you take a step to be successful, you will never know this. Times will come when you will be motivated, other times you will doubt yourself. Don’t hate yourself for this. Its just a process of growth. You will definitely overcome that feeling of self-hate by the time you continue to work towards being a better you.
Things will begin to get easy and clear to you when you start to understand that you are here because of relationship. Relationship with other people. People whose upliftment or progress is tied to your action!
Pay attention, you know what your instincts is telling you. Don’t just sit there and lean back. Don’t be suspicious of success. Be ready to move and take charge.
Don’t get so scared that you prevent yourself from standing out.
Now the question you should ask yourself is “What can I do to help?” Once you have answered that question, never ever limit yourself. Do what infact ALL you can do to make life better for others and yourself.
Remember by doing what you ought to do to help others, you will find solutions to your own problem.
What if that gift of yours will ignite the spark in someone else to provide a major breakthrough.
Don’t just follow the mediocre way of life- go to school, graduate, get a job, get married, have kids and then what? DIE?
Be a VOICE to the world! Don’t die with your potentials! Guess what you haven’t used up to 10% of your potentials yet. And you have limited time. Life is short.


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