Learn from the ants!

Go to the ants thou sluggard! Its a verse in Proverbs. which talks about learning from the ants. To consider the ways of the ants.
A way to tackle unemployment/poverty is to “always have it in mind that you’re responsible for your life”. No man will help you if you don’t help yourself.
When you begin to think of it that you’re responsible for yourself, you begin to act towards achieving rather than complaining.
Don’t just sit and complain, do something, take a step and something will follow. Keep trying, and you’ll understand better.
Never expect things to happen because it will never happen. Rather, be proactive and determined. Have a passion and go for it. Invest your all in it and you will see great results in the long run. Perseverance is another key to success. Don’t expect it to happen immediately, don’t fight for money now. Think of greatness and not just income. Think of adding value and not just getting paid.
Even the ants work to get their food, they don’t wait for it to come meet them. They go and fetch for it.
Fetch for your progress by being active. Get informed as much as you can.


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