Girls Compete, Women Empower!

Are you the type that celebrates your women folk when they start something new with their lives?
Or Are you the type that looks for ways to bring other people down when you see them achieving?
Or Are you a sufferer of this act? Whereby people tend to envy your little progress no matter how small?
Or Are you a girl who loves to compete with other girls?
If you belong to the category of those who celebrate others, then Congratulations! It simply shows you love yourself and above all, you love others in your own little way.

Or girl, do you belong to the category of those who love to bring other people down by showing signs of envy and using words that can mar the emotions of your fellow woman? Then girl, Congratulations too it only shows that you are suffering from “Self-hatred”.
Young lady, if you are a sufferer of this act, then hear this: You are good and fine, the problem isn’t with you, the problem is with them. Pray for them if you can but don’t let them get to you.
It is not uncommon to find people with low self esteem within the society or even around us.
People whose joy lie in bringing other people down, but the ironic thing is these people don’t know they are killing themselves. They are hurting themselves and the problem is simply with them because they hate who they are and are unable to accept their being no matter what position they are.
Okay, I know I sound harsh today but if I’m too BLUNT, maybe I should be SHARP.
If you have encountered people like this before you will understand better and if you haven’t please be on the look out they are mostly people we call friends. They hide under the shadow of “I am your friend”
What prompted this? I came across my Old diary where I wrote uplifting feedbacks from friends and people generally about Supersoullifters and what I was doing to help inspire people.
Some people made good comments and some made no comment; of course some tried to bring me down. What I did when I got feedback was to put them down both good and bad. I have them all in my Diary including the names of these people. Those people who made good comments about what I was doing and those who tried to put me down! I wrote down their names and their comments.
Those people that made very good comments are not even close friends, they are people I hardly communicate with but they just believed in me. But trust, the so called friends were the ones who tried to pull down.
Self-hate is a big problem and its a symptom of low self-esteem, where you find someone who doesn’t like his/herself and tries to express it on others.
They fight to meet up with you and to even surpass you if they can. They compete whenever they have the chance. They want to look better than you, talk better than you, dress better than you and just be better than you in all areas of life. The only person you should be in competition with is the person you were yesterday.
This is not uncommon among the women folk. It is there!
It is said that People hate you for one of three reasons:
*because they hate themselves
*because they want to be like you
*or because they see you as a threat.
To the sufferer, the problem is not with you! Its with them. They find it difficult to embrace themselves for who they are and try to make other people be like them.
Don’t be too attached to these people that you can’t cut yourself from them as they are common among friends. They are overly critical about everything you do, they find fault in almost all your actions, they speake words that will make you feel bad.
Learn to surround yourself with people that appreciate you and like you for who you are.
Get along with people that will see the good in you and encourage you to keep doing what you do.
To the lady who puts others down, these words will help you;
I decide to have a change of heart today, to love myself for who and what I am not to despise my fellow lady but to empower her and bring out the best in her. To love myself and be proud of who I am.
I am fabulous, I am unique, I am beautiful, I am progressing, I am going to achieve my dreams without bringing another woman down.

Thanks for reading:
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