Who should I blame? Government or My Parents?

From A Child’s point of view!
I’m writing on behalf of these young kids in a big city here in Nigeria.
They have been deprived of good life, good education and everything called good.
Its just sad that these kids have to undergo a lot of pressure just because they want to learn. Some of us had very peaceful lifes in school. The serene environment, the chaos-free area, lovely view to behold, no noise of any type just the sound from the teacher’s lips and maybe the chalk or marker making its mark on the board.
But it is not the case here, they are struggling to read, they are struggling to learn even teachers are struggling to teach. Education seems odd to them even though they still try to come to school to mingle with their colleagues and take the beating of their lifes if “lesson fee” is not paid for.
The child goes back home to find something fulfilling to do, something that would make her happy different from learning. So she finds herself in the midst of these hungry men who take advantage of her, they use her and wipe their lips after doing that. The child goes back over and over again, because she felt good in the arms of a man old enough to be her elder brother or even her father. She gets pregnant after being used up by either a bricklayer or a conductor or even her own teacher(shocking!).
After getting pregnant, she receives the beating of her life for getting pregnant, she is forced to tell who put “it” in her. Oh she’s screaming and crying for help. Her thoughts are: “but I didn’t know, he told me I won’t get pregnant, my mother didn’t listen when I told her”, is it wrong to get pregnant? She is only 13years.
Another knows its wrong to be pregnant at a young age, then she runs to one of the “aunties” in the neighbourhood for help, she gives her the pills to destroy the baby, they call it “base 10”, she removes the baby, her mother discovers, she gets the beating of her life. But she is only 15 years.
The school environment is not good enough so they sort after something more lively and interesting, the noise from the market place where the school is situated his interfering with learning they don’t know what to do. They can’t speak English well, teachers are told to teach in vernacular.
Where is this taking us to? Who is the child to blame? The Government or the Parents?
Where is their hope? They are the future, they need help!


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