‘And her voice cracked…

And her voice cracked..
This can’t be happening she thought, all of it feels strange. Why is this happening at this time of the day, week or year, why does it feel happiness is quarreling with her, she wants peace, she wants everything from peace to happiness but where are they?
Where will she find it? How will she get it? Who will help her reach it?
Oh she needs help, she’s screaming out and no one seems to hear, she wondered if she is alone or lonely.
Why is life her own enemy? She wondered
It can’t be!
Where will help come from? Who will deliver her from her own mind?
Just when did one bad thing happen? It feels its happening again?
Why is it happening so often?
and her voice cracked…
Tears wouldn’t come out to help her get relieved from the whole chaos.
And her voice cracked…
Staring eyes, moving lips, all directed at her
Don’t they get she is not fine?
And her voice cracked…
Who wants to help? Who will help?
Then she screamed, I NEED PEACE! Then
Her voice cracked….

This describes what goes on in the mind when something isn’t working out, when we are going through tough times; something bigger than ourselves.
We want to talk to someone, interact but we just can’t. One begins to isolate, hiding under the table, holding on to the blankets, not wanting to go out, not wanting to say a word!
But there is hope, you are not alone, someone feels the way you feel, someone is out there to help you. Someone wants to reach out to you. Go out share your story, don’t hold on. You are very unique and marvelous. Just do it! Do it and apologize to no one because in the end, You have only yourself and God.


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