POTENTIAL VS. CREDENTIALS: Is your potential more essential than your credentials?

Credential without potential is destiny dimensia
Potential without credential can still pave way for an exponential success
Credential + Potential = Hot cake

It’s a beautiful day and I’m thanking God for that. What about you?. I love to share my thoughts whenever I get inspired by someone or a quote.
Early this morning as I was reading through my tweet line, I found this quote by a friend- “My potential is more essential than my credentials”.
That’s so deep to me! Especially when you understand that “greatness is not found in the degrees you have or the grade you left school with. It is embedded in what you carry within you”.
A couple of weeks back, I was discussing with one of my Mentors, apparently his close friend was there as well. And somehow they started off with this topic of “most first class students being so arrogant and all”. So I listened so I could learn then I contributed as well.

While discussing, they mentioned some of their friends that finished with 3rd class or even a pass and they are doing better than they are now. He made mention of a guy that happened to have the poorest grade when they were in school and he asserted that he is the wealthiest among them now.
From their discussion, they mentioned that;
1) People that leave school with good grades (especially first class students), lack “team-spirit”: they do not know how to work with others. That they depend only on their own strengths and find it difficult to operate in an organization.

2) They are arrogant: meaning most of the people that left school with good grades are very proud. They feel they know it all and do not want to learn from other people

3) They are roaming round the streets”: meaning most of them do not have jobs to do, roaming round the streets without anything to do.
Then His friend cited an example of a guy he helped get a job, who happens to be a first class student. He mentioned that the guy really disturbed him to help him get a job, then eventually he helped him get the job but after a few months they guy quit the job saying “his boss is this and that”. My mentor’s friend said the guy so abused the boss that he had to call his attention to the fact that the person is talking ill of is his friend.
I learned from that. That’s credentials!

In life, if you do not have more to you than certificate then you do not understand what life really means.
That certificate is only a paper until you add value to it-“your potential”.
Within this same society, there are people who;
»Are entrepreneurs in their workplace: they have an average grade and they have very good jobs where they inspire others and have very good working relationships with colleagues as well. They love what they do at work hence, they do the work like its theirs.

So also we there are people who;
»Complain each and everyday about how poor the economy is: all they do is sit and complain about what is wrong about the country and how it affects them so badly without even taking a step to at least try. These people are in the category of the: first class, 2-1.

Do you know that you are responsible for your own life?
Do you know that if you keep complaining about what government didn’t do, it doesn’t mean they will improve for you?
Have you ever made effort to contribute to your soft assets?-your brains!
Have you invested in yourself? Not depending on people all the time.
Have you searched the internet for solutions?
Have you even tried to get your butt off that sit to do something tangible?
Have you been making good use of social media?
Have you taken time out to look at websites to help get a good job?-e.g jobrapido and jobberman.com?
Have you subscribed to get information from them(jobberman and co)?
What are you doing while waiting to get a job?
Are you ready to be responsible for your won life?
Ask yourself these questions and only you knows where you need to adjust.

Remember: “No one will come and meet you to help you, God definitely sends people to help but you must at least leave your comfort zone to meet with them as well”
Have a great weekend and always remember to do something tangible with your life.

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