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Style Palette by Pearl

In time past, I’m sure we’ve all seen the fashion world evolve with different styles, designs and/or patterns. Yea! The rise of skinny pants and leggings to replace the Palazos of the 80s; peplum dresses/tops/blouses are now on the list of must haves. Fashion trends beaming with different colours put together(colour blocking); and finally, the reincarnation of past styles like Oleku, Suspenders, Jumpsuits and the likes. We can have gorgeous accessories, beautiful dresses and shoes that’d make anyone drool. But here are a few questions-how do we match these colours, accessories? Which cloth suits which event? And which cloths flatter our body shapes/sizes?

So let’s start by learning about our body shapes. There 4 major body shapes for ladies: the Pear shape, the Apple shape, the Ruler shape and the Hour-glass shape.

The Pear Shaped: these ladies have their waists as the widest part of their bodies. Ladies with this body shape look good in wrap dresses, V-necks, well cut A-line skirts and dresses with empire waists.

The Apple Shaped: these ladies tend to have a rounder figure. This is because you probably gain weight in your stomach first. These ladies should go for dresses with empire waists, cloths that hit the smallest parts of your body, most likely below your burst. A dress with a flowing fabric like silk is definitely a GO! Nne, please show some legs

The Ruler Shaped: These ladies look good in almost everything because of their athletic figures. You will definitely look good in a maxi dress with details on the top. Show off your small waist with dresses that have belts or ribbons across the middle.

The Hour-glass shaped: kai! These ladies are well shaped. A true hour glass shaped lady is about 10inches smaller at the waist than her burst and waist. Like me*i wish*…hehe! For a good look, a wrap dress on the true waist would look great. What about a fitted dress? Honey, that’s a definite YES!!!

So, I hope with few these points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you on which figure you have…hehe*wink*

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