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The HAIR SAGA: whats your take?

Natural hair! Natural hair!! Natural hair!!!
Some months ago my research became so fun and intense concerning this natural hair. About a year ago, I decided to go natural for some reasons. I felt more comfortable when I had no weave on my hair plus I wanted to explore with my hair. But unfortunately, I permed my hair again and that was it. So this year, I came across lovely naturalistas in NIGERIA on twitter(thank God for social media) and I started asking a lot of questions and doing my research.
But to my surprise I found out so many women find it however disgusting or should I say weird to have their natural hair on.
I’m not trying to promote natural hair (rather I’m just a natural hair freak…lol) cause I believe we all have our choices to make about how we want to look.
But what do you think about natural hair? Would you like to grow your natural hair? what’s your take?