Lady Unique Forum: Dating for 4years and I dont love him.

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Hello ladies, I have been dating this guy for 4years but suddenly it feels strange to marry him. He just proposed and wants to marry me but I do not love him that much. How do I tell him how I feel without crushing his emotions?

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7 thoughts on “Lady Unique Forum: Dating for 4years and I dont love him.

  1. I think you should come out with the truth and just tell him.. Rather than get married to someone you don’t love dat much and causing problems in ur marraige.. You should have told him a long time ago before he proposed to you and now is ur tym to make thingz ryt because in a way its ur fault for making him think that u can be soulmates because u dated him for 4 years without telling him aw u really felt about him.. Just tell him the truth and ask for forgiveness..

    • Yes,Pepetuah is right. You should hold a one on one discussion with him. Pepetuah what if she us scared of telling him? Is there another way to go about it without having to speak to him because speaking to him at this point could be her greatest fear.

  2. Just have some courage and tell him the truth. He needs to know the truth no matter what. It wnt be fair to realize in latter years that u dont love him- u never did. Realizing suddenly shows that there’s likely some danger ahead, so save urself now from any future trouble. Courting (dating) is temporary, marriage is eternal. And it’s sacred too! Invite him over, for a dinner or a treat, and politely tell him ur mind. He may feel bad bt it’s for his good. U will surely feel bad, bt soon u’ll be so glad u made such decision. It’s for d best, for u and him.

    • Thanks Nnena, but what if it is difficult to talk to him? Especially because you’re are scared he would be mad. Sometimes, it is difficult to communocate such thing as delicate as telling someone you haven’t really loved him, and that you were just catching trips. What else do you suggest?

  3. Well, he’ll definitely be upset, though the degree of his anger is uncertain. Bt dere’s no other nicer way to let him knw dan to open up to him. If she decides to avoid him or apply silence, it will make things worse. So she should face her fears and be prapared for whatever he’ll do.

  4. If she is too scared to tell him directly, she could tell him in a story. Funny as it may sound, I think that it will be easier for her to express exactly what she wants to say, how she really feels and all that is going on in her head. But the bottom line is that no matter how well you sugar-coat the truth, it still is bitter when taken in. What we do is take it in, learn from it and move on. Better late than never.

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