Class One:…But do u qualify as a “wifey”?

Men actually see through the personality of a woman when they are “ready”. It is then that they “fish” out the “real” wifey material. If you think he would choose you because of your beauty, darling you are deceived. If at that time, he his carried away by your beauty, a truly ready man will discard you as soon as possible so he can move on to the next “wifey material”.
Whether he is a good or bad man, responsible or irresponsible, a man knows what he wants. And its a woman who will give him PEACE.
Stop hooking up with him, giving him all the sex. If you do not qualify for his wifey material. Girl, he will discard you. And that’s where the heartache begins.
Why not save yourself the heartache and start working on being the “wifey material”…
If you truly show traits of a wife without deceiving yourself, he will definitely hold on to you.
A man wants a valuable woman deep down even if he appreciates your beauty. Start being valuable and not just available!
Think about this!

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One thought on “Class One:…But do u qualify as a “wifey”?

  1. Hello Eniola. I’ve come to learn that with matters such as love, marriage and relationships one ought not generalize. Speaking based on this post, (and personal encounters with different people) there are those men who want trophy wives and will marry solely for beauty. Yes other factors may apply for for him, physical beauty is the determinant, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that he does not love wifey. Secondly, some men actually chose their wives based on how they make them feel in bed, I happen to know a couple of such men, one has been (happily) married for over twenty years and would waste no time in telling you that the first time he had sex with his wife he knew he had to marry her. This is just to give a few examples. I agree with these principles in your post, but as it is with principles, there are always exceptions. Lastly if there’s really such a thing as “wifey” material, what do we say about those ladies who have slept with almost every man but were the first among their friends to get hitched (and in most cases to fantastic men) ….. Nothing is ever really cut and dried in this life.

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