If we say we are all perfectly okay mentally then we deceive our self. That is to say we have never experienced pain, nor have we been heartbroken if not by a partner or spouse by a friend or parent.
If we say we are normal and fine up there that we have nothing we worry about then we lie to our own self.
As humans we have one or two things to worry about either relating to the past, present or future and this thing is the center of our thought most times when we happen to be alone.
Our worry centers on such things as : Will I ever get a job? How will I survive? Will I ever find someone who will love me? Will I ever be normal again after such a horrible past? What will I tell my kids? Will I ever survive this ailment? Will I ever love this man/woman again? And it goes on and on.
We know what we worry about, we know that thing that kills us inside. You have never shared it with anyone, you have tried to share it with someone, it makes you feel awful and hate your own existence. You appear to be fine most times but its all a lie; cause you know deep down how hurt, miserable and heartbroken you are, you have been lied to, stabbed in the back, betrayed and even abused by the people you thought loved you the most, the people you felt could give you their eye so you can see, the ones you thought are friends or family but end up being otherwise.
Your mind has been ruptured by such people and you find it hard to forgive them or even yourself for even giving them a tiny chance in your life.
Now you are left alone and all these crazy thoughts come to mind if to just end it or move on or just pretend to be fine
But you know it won’t work, no amount of pretence will heal you, you need that help but you don’t know where or how to get it, you don’t know who to talk to that won’t betray your trust again, you don’t know who will accept you after all the mess.
You’ve tried to help yourself several times but you failed, you keep failing.
One universal thing in life is Pain. We all have been through a kind of pain or the other. But the degree or level is what differs and what defines us as individuals. However one thing is certain that one who has two legs can help carry the one who has no legs at all. One who is okay to certain level can help the one who is struggling.
But remember no matter what you’re going through, there’s someone out there with a worse condition and you can always try again and start again. Challenge your energy into giving yourself a second chance.

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