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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Kelly Rowland in Dirty Laundry

This is going to be a tough one to write about as I usually don’t like to hear cases of men abusing women in any way.
It’s just wrong! Whether you are single or married. Love becomes blind when one doesn’t get out of a domestically violent setting.
Would it be better for one to be referred to in “past tense” which signifies death or for one to be pitied due to a deformity as a result of beating, cutting and abuse?
Who ever knew Miss Kelly Rowland was going through all of that stuff where she was being hurt by a man who once saw her as beautiful?
Who ever knew she hid behind the shadows of “I’m a star” ain’t nobody know my problems.
I once wondered if she would get married like Beyonce as they are sisters but never read in any news she was undergoing torture by some man she’s not even married to.

Domestic violence can take many forms, including physical aggression or assault (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects, battery), or threats thereof; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation; stalking; passive/covert abuse (e.g., neglect); and economic deprivation.

Domestic violence is just something that kills everything a “woman” is-her pride, her dignity, her self-esteem, her voice to speak, her ego and all that makes a woman a woman.

Any man who engages in that act needs to be dealt with seriously.
Its so sad when one hears of single ladies who get the beating of their life from a man who hasn’t even put a ring on it!

A comedian tweeted that: “if he can’t smash is blackberry phone against the wall when he is angry, then he should never lay his hands on you”.

Lady, know this if you’re going through this: Your life wouldn’t end if you leave that relationship. A man who will love you and truly cater for you wouldn’t lay a finger on you.
It may seem tough especially when it feels this man is all you’ve got. You got GOD! He’s not your creator. You have a life to live.

Sure, women love to talk and say some really nasty things but that doesn’t give any one a go ahead to “hit you”. It is wrong! And simply wicked!

As a woman if you know your mouth will land you into trouble, please just keep quiet and walk away instead.
But in a situation where what you say doesn’t even cause for you to be beaten and you get that often, then there is something wrong somewhere; that’s where violence starts from.

Are you going to wait till he kills you?
Are you going to watch him hurt you badly even for the man who will eventually pick you up? ‘Cause whether you believe it or not; you deserve a man who will respect you for who you are and so much cherish your body that he wouldn’t want to leave any “mark” on it except a mark of “smile” that signifies he’s treating you well.
Domestic violence breeds self-hate, low-self esteem, low self-worth, tears, jealousy, hurt and everything bad that can cause damage to not only the body but the soul.
The illusion that comes with domestic violence is that you start to believe that “you can handle it” or “he is a good man especially when he showers you with gifts after whooping your ass” its all fake!
Don’t get deceived by all that; its still good when you aint married to him. You can still make a change.

Meanwhile, here is the lyrics from Kelly’s song “Dirty laundry”;
“When my sister was on stage/ killin’ it like a motherf**ker 
/ I was enraged / feelin’ it like a motherf**ker / bird in a cage 
/ you would never know what I was dealin’ with
 / went our separate ways but I was happy she was killin’ it
 / bittersweet / she was up I was down
 / no lie I feel good for her but what do I do now / forget the records off the record I was goin’ through some bullsh**t 
/ post-survivor / she don’t fight / who wanna hear my bullsh*t / meanwhile this nigga putting his hands on me / swear ya’ll don’t know the half of this industry…

Please speak up if you are experiencing such…talk to a friend about it, your Mum, or someone you can trust. You can’t get all the help alone.
And to that Man that does this: Live and let live. If you don’t love her, then don’t beat her, leave her the hell alone and let her live her own life. Only a coward beats a woman!

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