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OUR KIDS: That dark side we ignore!

It is said that “one shouldn’t judge a situation one has never been into” but now that means I can proudly say I have experienced this and I’m experiencing it right now.
Almost 5months now that I started service year. And each day I count and want it to end. At first I didn’t want to write about it. I wasn’t happy about it but at the same time I wasn’t propelled to write about it. So now is the time I guess.
Did you know somewhere in Nigeria, a 13year old girl is pregnant for a bricklayer?
Did you know that a 14year old J.S.3 boy has been sexually harassing a 13year old girl in J.S.2?
Did you know that a teacher slept with a J.S.3 student and had to get married to her according to her father’s instruction.
Did you know a 13year old already knows how to abort and the drug to use.
Did you know that in a classroom students take alcohol while lecture is going on?
Do you know a 15year old girl already goes to the “club house” to dance at night for money?

All these and many more go on in this country somewhere.
From my research and observation, I have discovered reasons why this is going on.
1.) IGNORANCE: this is our number one “disease”. It funny how lack of education is destroying the life of young people. Whether formal or informal education, one of this is lacking. Some of these girls do not even know what a sanitary pad is; but they know what sex is. They have experienced it and will educate even you the Parent.
Sex education is usually avoided by so many parents. When a mother doesn’t even know what birth control is? How will she educate a child about sex? Charity they say begins at home but most of these Parents are rarely available for their kids, they spend most time outside to get money for the family.

2.) MEDIA: the media has done more harm than good to these kids. They struggle to get what they see their role models have even when they haven’t gotten the concept of “hard work” and “read”. They want the shortcut to success because what most of their role models portray is that.

Some of them don’t know the “Minister for Education” but they know who does that dance move or sang that sexually appealing song.
They see a lot.

The government can only do little; so we shouldn’t be looking for support from them but let’s start from the homes.

┬╗Educating your child about sex isn’t a sin. You are only helping them. But be careful how you do it as well. If you don’t know something; check google you will find almost anything there. Read more and explain to them as simple and lovely as possible.
When its time to whoop your kid’s ass please do; employ positive reinforcement when you have to. Study your kid to know if you being strict will help or not. Instead of getting better, some children won’t still listen when their parents are strict. Study your child.
Talking about sex especially to children is considered a taboo in many African
communities, yet sex education (SE) is probably the most cost-effective intervention by
which young people can protect themselves against abuse, exploitation, unintended
pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV/AIDS.

┬╗Inspect the schools you want to enroll your kid(s) in: some of these kids do not know much but you sure know when wrong is wrong and what right is.
Help them by choosing good schools. Let them have good education.

Wole soyinka asserted; “the child you didn’t train will kill the child you trained” and that can be seen in our community. At the end of the day, the armed robber that wasn’t trained will kill the comfortable family man”.

┬╗Educate others as well: not every mother had the opportunity to get education, so also not uneducated parents are illiterates.
Some people love to argue what they do not know; explain in a constructive way to them. Help co-parents as well when you are in a cycle of friends. Educate them on what you know is right and let them apply appropriately. Don’t force your beliefs on them because their family pattern is different from yours

Let’s help our girls, our boys and our society.
They know not the implications or consequences of what they do most times.

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