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ARE YOU THINKING OF LIGHTENING YOUR SKIN?: Psychological and medical implications of using skin-lightening creams

SSL Quote on Skin-care: Never apply on your skin what you can not eat.

Many black women are sold the idea that lighter skin is more desirable, forcing some to resort to creams to try to change their color.
Some women even believe that the fairer you are the more likely one is to become successful socially, economically and romantically
I know we have heard this over and over again that bleaching the skin can cause cancer(of the kidney and skin) and some of us even abuse or make jest of those who bleach but yet we “codedly” mix creams in our bedrooms. Meanwhile when we go for events or occasions, we criticize those who have bleached their skin.
The worse of all is those who do not know they are bleaching but suddenly realize how clear/fair their skin is and then conclude they are getting fresher.
It is however important we check the ingredients in the products we buy before purchasing them. Don’t just read the short notes on the product those are just “marketing stunts”. Focus on the ingredients, research on the product to know the pros and cons. Read the reviews from other people as well. And if there are no reviews, then be sure that’s just an over-the-counter cream that was mixed in one room to be sold to the desperate women who want to get yellow by all means forgetting that a cream that you buy over-the-counter may NOT be medically approved and could permanently damage your skin.
So, I did my research and decided to write this article because of my fellow sisters and women who are about to or are already making the mistake of lightening their skin.
Below are the psychological and medical implications of skin lightening creams:
A survey carried out by the british skin foundation found out that 16% of dermatologists believe lightening creams are completely “unsafe” and 80% believe those prescribed by dermatologists are safe.
Indy Rihal of the british skin foundation also stated that most skin lightening creams contain illegal compounds that can damage your health.
Some of which are: hydroquinone, the most common bleaching agent. Steriods is a common compound which is original used to cure skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Mercury is another dangerous chemical that is found in skin lightening creams that sicken women. Some of the symptoms of mercury toxicity in creams include: irritability, headaches, memory loss, numbness, tingling in the hands, feet or around the lips, insomnia, depression and weight loss.
Skin lightening creams can cause permanent skin bleaching, thinning of the skin, uneven color loss, leading to a blotchy appearance, redness and intense irritation.
So, just before you decide to buy that lightening cream, think again!
Just to add, the World Health organization(WHO) asserts that 77% of Nigerians use bleaching creams. Please help reduce this figure.
Remember beauty is Skin deep.

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